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Child Friendly

I have been told that it can be difficult to find a B & B that will take children.  Well,  despite being “luxurious”  and   “immaculate” as some guests have commented, I also love children and enjoy welcoming them.  The lay out of the house is such that rooms are well insulated from each other.  I have travel cot, 2 high chairs and a low chair for use, and toys to play with.  So families you are welcome, but adults will not have their bliss disrupted!

Penclawdd Festival of the Tides 18th September 2012

It is the Penclawdd Festival of the Tides next Saturday; great fun, with a raft race;  home-made rafts and fancy dress for the competitors, and the Loughor lifeboat in attendance, also the usual stalls, rides and beer tent all day.  I still have accommodation available

Gower Cycling Festival 15th – 22nd September 2012

The Gower Cycling Festival is taking place between 15th – 22nd September 2012.   £3 per ride or £5 for a Festival Pass.  At this time I have accommodation for 16th onwards, somewhere to store your bikes indoors, (and clothes drying facilities if the worst happens – rain, no never in Wales! ).  For more details, follow these links

Marmalade and Chutney making courses on Gower

Some of my first guests said how much they loved my Dundee marmalade, and why didn’t I offer a course in making marmalade?  This started me thinking that I might run some marmalade and chutney making courses later in the year.

If any one reads this and is interested, let me know as I am planning at present.  I am thinking of a one day course, which you can attend with or without booking accommodation.   More information on this soon.

Lovely guests and Glamorgan sausages!

I have had a whole lot of really lovely guests since I opened for the Jubilee weekend, and am looking forward to meeting lots more interesting people in the near future.  If you are thinking of coming to stay and have any questions or requests, pleas don’t hesitate to contact me,  I am almost always available for a chat!

Next week I have my first vegetarian visitor, so I have been experimenting with the Welsh vegetarian sausage – it is called a Glamorgan sausage, and has leeks and Welsh cheese in it, and I must say I,  (and my present guests),  think it is delicious!

Hello world!

After a busy year making all sorts of changes and improvements to The Old Manse, this week has seen it going public at last. This website is still under construction so please excuse any faults you may spot!,

We would love to welcome you here, watch out for some special offers soon.