Red Kite above !

The Red Kite was at one time almost extinct , but has made an amazing recovery, and in 1999 it was named ‘Bird of the Century’ by the British Trust for Ornithology. It has also been unofficially adopted as the national bird of Wales.

For a few years now I have spotted a red kite soaring over the “craig” (welsh for rock), the ridge of high ground behind my house.  Last week, however, I was sitting in the garden having tea with newly arrived guests, who happened to be nature lovers, when Nigel said “look at that”, and immediately overhead, and low enough to see really clearly, flew a red kite.  We all sat in amazement; what a treat.

Incidentally, there are two well reviewed kite feeding stations within driving distance of Penclawdd, for anyone interested and with time to spare (as well as the wildfowl and wetlands centre across the estuary from here).